CHARCOAL & SANDALWOOD: Flawless Face Masque


Instant Acne Detox:

Detoxify and Improve Your Skin Texture With This Combination of Black Clay.
It Helps Remove Dirt and Excess Oil From Pores.

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal Powder, Black Clay Powder, Liquorice Powder, Sandalwood Powder

Size: 100gms

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Product Description:

Steam-activated charcoal powder opens clogged pores and extracts excess sebum while naturally derived grain powder exfoliates dead skin cells. Mineral-enriched this works excellent for troubled skin with calming and soothing effects.

Holistic Benefits:

Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals in the gut, preventing their absorption in the body. Similarly, in the masque, it clears the skin of toxins giving a brighter and radiant look.

Peel-off masks are often vitamin, plant-based, or fruit extract-based, and formulated with charcoal, antioxidants, and botanicals.

By visibly reducing pore size and revealing firmer skin, a post peel-off can help you look years younger by boosting your complexion?s appearance to look brighter and more youthful.

How to Use?

  • Take 2tsps of the powder in a bowl. Mix with 4/5 tsps. of rose water or normal water with the spatula.
  • Spread it into an even layer onto the face and neck. Avoid the area around the eyes, brows, and lips.
  • Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. Once dry and a little white, peel of gently in upward direction and remove. Wipe dry with moist cloth.

Key Ingredients:

  • Kaolin Clay
  • Activated Charcoal Powder
  • Sandalwood Powder


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