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Our….. Story of a lifetime dedicated to developing healthy alternatives to chemical chocked luxury skincare products, is the crux of Sohmya.

Meaning ‘gentle’; as the word suggests, SOHMYA is a bespoke, delicately hand crafted range of beauty essences. Our eclectic variety of nature’s potions, for holistic anti-ageing, treating relentless black heads or deepened  pigmentation, inject the sheer freshness of nature into everyday city life.

Our products are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. Natural skin care that is paraben-free and SLS free, SOHMYA brings to you an array of products for skin rejuvenation.

How SOHMYA came into play

It took root in the heart of a grand mom when her granddaughter struck her teens and acquired an acne-ridden face and a very gloomy mood. Her remedies from Indian flowers had worked very well in realms related to ailments, so maybe she could figure this out too. And she did.

Late Dr Malti Khaitan developed infusions for all sorts of conditions that fatigue the skin and hair. Her belief that flower energies have a comprehensive benefit on the mind and soul, transcending beyond the skin, inspired her to make her potions a 100% natural and pure.

Our Process

It took hard work and time to perfect the brew- an amalgamation of the most gentle but powerful ingredients from India’s lush landscape along with pure home-grown, organic flower energies – a product fit for consumption by the soul.

Flower energies are the subtle vibrations of the flowers and brings about inner harmony and relaxation by cleansing and nurturing your body.

We specially handcraft skin care—using organic and wild crafted ingredients—that promises beautiful, glowing skin.


Our Approach

Carefully selected organic and wild crafted ingredients are used—including herbs and plant extracts—to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for skin and body.

then based on the formulations, infusions are created with selected natural plant extracts, high antioxidant plant and seed oils, skin supporting nutrients into different bases and into skin nutritive oils. These infusions are used as a potent base for all our products.

We then add additional flower remedies, based on the therapy required for each product. Customisation is also valued in small batches.

Good manufacturing practices are implied, with attention to minute details ensuring “if you can eat it – you can use it”.

Our Promise

To develop safe, good and efficacious beauty products that are free from harmful ingredients and chemicals making them accessible to consumers. Beautiful skin begins with healthy skin and that is why our skin care products are formulated with a specialized blend of natural, botanical ingredients to support the skin’s natural barrier for optimal skin health and effective results.

“We believe in the formulas that we create.”

Thought-Leading Founders

Sohmya was created by the Late Dr Malti Khaitan and Ms Shreerupa. Dr Malti was an expert in the field of botanical medicine, holistic beauty, and sustainable skin care basics. She was a licensed herbalist and flower essence practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience, a PHD degree in Traditional Indian flower remedies, and extensive practice with this approach. Shreerupa along with her practise in flower remedies, also studied Natural Skincare with the Formula Botanica and crafted skincare with flower essences, handmade in pristine environments to ensure the highest healing therapeutic benefits once put in the products.

Natural & Safe

Our products are made from a combination of natural and organic ingredients that work for men and women to reduce fine lines and restore your skin’s radiant glow.

Achieve A Radiant Complexion

The use of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in most of our range, helps for superb antioxidant hydration. These components work to reduce the signs of sun damage and maintain healthy skin

Enriched with Antioxidant Ingredients

In addition to this, it includes powerful ingredients like Squalane, all types of Extracts, and Organic Aloe. With the help of these ingredients, the ‘before and after’ results are very visible.

For Pure & Vibrant Beauty

Our Age Defying & Skin Clearing products utilize the benefits of various Essential Oils, according to the skin type, to help unclog and minimize pores, revealing healthier looking skin. This helps you achieve softer, smoother and more supple skin for a beautiful appearance.


Highest GRADE of natural and active ingredients are used.  The PH is BALANCED – products are made using natural ingredients and are safe for most skin types Active ingredients include glycolic acid amino acids ocean minerals Vitamin C and plant extracts and are DESIGNED FOR efficacy.

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